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November 2011, I traveled to Nicaragua as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity's Global Village program.

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The above are just a few pictures of my friends and places that I have taken as I have traveled a small corner of the world we live in.


I’m not a travel agent and do not have my own business, but I like to assist others in making travel plans or helping them decide where in the world to go.  I plan our trips, by scouring brochures or searching on the Internet.   


My original goal was to visit 100 countries.  On January 9, 2009 I made this goal when I stepped on the Antarctic Peninsula.  I guess I now need to up my goal to 150 200 250.  I track my countries based on the Traveler’s Century Club listing.  The Traveler’s Century Club is pretty liberal in what counts (for example Alaska and Hawaii count as they are more than 50 miles from the continental USA), which is OK, if you are trying to reach 100. Here is my Country List.


Please browse my site and tell me what you think.  If you would like help finding a unique vacation I would love to help you.


p.s. I also have several other goals (Bucket List) besides my 100 150 200 250 countries 

(Updated 10/2019)

1.          Ride in a blimp over a major sporting event.  Anyone know the CEO of Goodyear?

2.          Visit the Pyramids

3.          See the Northern Lights

4.          Trans-Siberian Railroad (Scheduled September 2020)

5.          Visit Cappadocia, Turkey (Scheduled June 2020)

6.          Voice a character on the Simpsons

7.          Sell my Amazing Rally idea to producers of the CBS Television show “The Amazing Race” or maybe one of the shark’s on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

8.          Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan (April 2019)

9.          Pet a tiger.  Done! Susan gave me a visit to the Siberian Tiger Conservation Association for Christmas 2006.  See us with Ekaterina.

10.        See a Leopard in the wild.  Done!  Sighting December 23, 2007 and December 26, 2007.  See my friends (1) (2).  And 2018

11.      Visit Antarctica  Done!  Landed January 9, 2009

12.      Visit Machu Picchu  Plus climbed Wayna Picchu June 4, 2010

13.      Climb Skellig Michael  Done! I climbed to the beehives on June 27, 2018

14.      Swim in Devil’s Pool, Livingstone, Zambia    October 23, 2018

15.      The abbey and town on France’s Mont-St-Michel  Visited September 16, 2016