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Starting and ending point of the excursions will be the gate of the harbor. This will make things easier and avoid some extra costs (fees for cars to get inside)




18 of November 2015 (meeting at main entrance of harbor)


TOG_2326Voodoo origins from the south of Togo and Benin.  This religion is still a strong part of the local culture.


First, visit to the fetish market of Lome, where one can find an eclectic assortment of all the necessary ingredients for love potions and magical concoctions.


Then we move towards Aneho region. Historically Aneho was known under the name Little Popo and it had a Portuguese slave market. It later became the first German capital of Togo in the 1880s. It gradually declined in importance after the capital was transferred to Lome in 1897. We can still admire some colonial building and the spectacular view over the ocean.


We cross by foot the Benin border for a quick stop across the gate. A Benin Visa is required prior to travel and for Americans the cost is $140. 


If the group decides not to go to Benin then we will meet with a traditional healer who treats his patients with voodoo rites and herbs. The treatments are effective for almost all diseases, especially for insanity. His shrine is impressive. The endless list of voodoos shows the endless powers concentrated in the site. 


We discover a sacred village inhabited by the Guen. Three centuries ago the Guen arrived from around the city of Accra and brought with them their fetishes. These fetishes are still kept and worshipped in some temples. We will meet with the religious authorities of the village.


Then in a village hidden in the high grasses of the Savannah: at least three generations of adepts are having a Voodoo ceremony. To the hypnotic rhythm of the drums and chants, certain dancers fall into a deep trance: eyes rolling back, grimaces, and convulsions, impervious to fire or pain. Sakpata, Heviesso, Mami Water and other voodoos are showing their presence and taking possession of their adepts. In this narrow village, surrounded by the crazy ambiance of the voodoo celebration, finally we understand  what people say: “In your Churches you pray God; in our voodoo shrine we become God!”.


For a group of min.8 paying pax, per person:   97 Euro  (See Payment Terms below)

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17 of November 2015 (meeting at main entrance of harbor)


Along the coast of Ghana we have beautiful fishermen villages, which are hosting important memorials of slaves’ trade, and extended green tropical forest


First we visit Kakum National park.

CIMG9475A few kilometers north of the coast, in the middle of a rainforest, we will discover the Kakum National Park. This park gives you a great opportunity to observe the forest from above as Kakum has a canopy walk hung high up in the trees. The Kakum canopy walkway is the longest and highest rope bridge in the world. Walking between 120 to 150 feet above the ground, you will enjoy an incredible view of the rain forest. At this height, instead of revealing their trunks, the trees offer a breathtaking view of their canopies and look as if they were trying to touch the sun and sky above.


Then we move to Elmina.

GHA_1596Elmina Castle is the oldest European building in Africa, built by the Portuguese in the 15th century. At different times the castle has been used as a warehouse to trade gold, ivory, and eventually slaves.

Outside the castle is found a wonderful fishing village and its harbor full of large colorful fishing canoes. Every day these canoes are guided by skilled fishermen who face the strong ocean for a living.


The alleys in the old town have a lively atmosphere, going back to a time when Elmina was a wild colonial town.


In the old town we will pay attention to the Posuban. The Posuban are the shrines of the old “Asafo companies” made of warriors who used to place their offerings on the large colorful statues.




For a group of min.8 paying pax, per person:   180 Euro  (Higher between Takoradi and Lome excursions is the transportation: Takoradi is implying two days of rent because vehicles are settled in Accra)

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