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Future Tours Booked or Planned (JOIN ME!):


·      February 2020

·      Oceania Cruise:  Auckland to Tahiti.  A Toursbynorm Pre-cruise to Vietnam and Bali.  In total 8 new countries.


·      June 2020

·      Tour Andalucía Spain, then on to Morocco, west to the Balkans (Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Kosovo) down to Cappadocia, then Beirut and finally Cyprus. 


·      September 2020

·      Trans-Siberian Rail Journy, followed by 2 weeks of wining and dining through Spain



Completed Tours Links are very special recommendations for lodging and/or touring:


·      February 2007,  Middle East 10 Countries/Sheikdoms


·      July 2007, Caribbean Island Tour, a Tours By Norm Exclusive:  Barbados, St. Lucia and Dominica


·      December 2007, The Wedding Trip Kenya, Tanzania, and Dubai


·      November 2008, Mediterranean via NCL Gem Italy, Spain, Malta and Monaco


·      December 2008,  The Honeymoon Chile, Antarctica, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay


·      July 2009, Ireland


·      May 2010, Machu Picchu &the Galapagos with Overseas Adventure Travel

Want to take this trip, give OAT my Customer Number: 638838


·      November 2010, I traveled to Macedonia as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity's Global Village program. 

I picked up two extra countries flying into Pristina, Kosovo; and out of Tirana, Albania. 


·      May 2011, Istanbul to Venice on the Oceania Nautica, added Corfu and Slovenia.

·      Tours by Norm shore excursions


·      November 2011, I traveled to Nicaragua as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity's Global Village program.  Flight to El Salvador was canceled, errrrr!


·      December 2011, Cruising on Windstar through the Panama Canal  Costa Rica and Panama


·      November 2012, Cruising on Windstar Rome to Barcelona, new islands Sardinia, Corsica and Mallorca; all count as countries!


·      December 2012 cruising on Discovery mv Voyager “Caribbean Gems” Eight new countries!


·      July 2013 Caribbean Island Tour, a Tours By Norm Exclusive:  St Vincent, Antigua, and Montserrat. 


·      September 2014, NCL Anchorage to Vancouver:   Best shore excursion ever:  Snorkel Alaska!

·      A pre-cruise Tours by Norm exclusive: flightseeing from Talkeetna with Sheldon Air Service, Denali Park visit and float plane to Brooks Lodge. 

·      A post cruise Tours by Norm Exclusive: Amtrak to Portland and wine tour of Wilmette Valley. 


·      October 2014 Royal Caribbean cruise, Quebec City to Quebec City, two new countries, St. Pierre Miquelon and Prince Edward Island (yes it counts!)


·      November 2014: Oceania Eastern Caribbean cruise.  4 new islands, plus San Juan. 


·      December 2014/January 2015 NCL cruise around Hawaii

·      A December 2014 pre-cruise Tours by Norm exclusive: Napa wine tour and Meadowood New Year’s Eve Chef’s Table


·      January 2015:  Skiing, Steamboat Colorado.  Travel with Over the Hill Gang.  Ask to see x-ray of broken clavicle. 


·      February 2015 Cuba with Friendly Planet


·      April Tour of USA, a Tours by Norm Exclusive. 

·      Twenty states and 7,500 miles.  Tour encompassed Austin Food and Wine Festival, New Orleans Jazz Fest and Derby week.  Plus Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rushmore, Vegas and the Arch.   


·      August 2015 Oceania, Oslo to Stockholm

·      A pre-cruise Tours by Norm exclusive, two days in Iceland in an Airbnb home ($25 off if you let me refer a friend)


·      November 2015: Oceania, Lisbon to Cape Town.  25 days

·      Four Shore Excursions organized:  Cape Verde, Senegal, Ghana and Togo

·      Post cruise Tours by Norm exclusive, 3 days around Cape Town


·      February 2016:  Azamara Cruise, Costa Rica to Baja.  Picked up my last two countries in Central America.


·      March/April 2016 A Tours by Norm exclusive.  Star Alliance Around the World.  Stopping in South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Ethiopia and Rwanda.


·      July 2016 a Tours by Norm exclusive:  Return to Iceland with side trips to Greenland and Faroe Islands, with dinner at KOKS.


·      September 2016: 

·      Bordeaux Wine Region with Ombiasy PR

·      Tours by Norm exclusive, four days in Paris

·      Plus extra days wandering Europe picking up 3 new countries:  Andorra, Jersey and Guernsey

·      Oceania Cruise: Jewels of the Aegean, including Crete, Cyprus and Israel 


·      December 2016: Azamara Caribbean cruise: I pick up Aruba and Columbia


·      February 2017:  Oceania Cruise, Amazon Exploration

·      Carnival in Rio


·      May/June 2017:  Eastern Europe.  Visiting Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Trans Dniester with Native Eye Travel.  Pre-tour, taking a Viking River cruise from Bucharest to Budapest and several days in Vienna and Prague.  


·      July 2017: Cancun to see Whale Sharks and a stop off in San Andres for that elusive last Caribbean Island


·      September 2017:  Three Guianas.  Guyana, Surinam (both new) plus French Guiana


·      November 2017:  Return to Churchill, Manitoba for Polar Bears with Natural Habitat


·      December 2017 to February 2018: Another Round the World adventure via One World:

·      Bolivia, Santiago, Mendoza, Easter Island, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Singapore, Sri Lanka


·      April/May 2018 Spring Road Trip

·      Start in Phoenix and on to San Diego, Tijuana, Pacific Coast Highway, California and Oregon wines, Lummi Island, Yellowstone and Albuquerque

·      Azamara cruise to visit San Marino via Ravenna, July 7, 2018

·      Pre-trip to Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man and Wales


·      October 2018 Renew Our Vows:

·      Overseas Adventure Travel:  Out of Africa: Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania; with a Toursbynorm pre-trip to Swaziland and Lesotho


·      April 2019:

·      Himalayas: Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet, plus Myanmar, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, with a final stop in Copenhagen for a dining experience.  A Toursbynorm Exclusive


·      July 2019

·      Competitours, starting in Geneva to ……………?

·      After winning, on to Bologna and Lampedusa (one more country) 


·      September 2019

·      Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia with Native Eye Travel, including Nakhichevan and Nagorno Karabakh.  Plus a Toursbynorm exclusive: a visit to Kaliningrad. (5 new countries, including #200)