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I like to assist others in making travel plans or helping them decide where in the world to go.  I plan our trips, by scouring brochures or searching on the Internet.   For better or worse, I do not use a travel agent.  I go it alone.  The following are several companies I have used in the last few years.

We have just started to use a new service Journy (not a misprint) and love it.For $25 they will create a full day of activities in over 50 cities.We used them for Prague and loved what they gave us.We also will be using them in Sydney, Singapore, Napa, and when the service is available, Melbourne.I donít know how they make money, but I love them!

Here is the link to this service (full disclosure, you use them and I get a free day):https://www.gojourny.com/?ref=ref-fAPrKUw

We love using Airbnb.If you sign up with them using this link, you get $40 off your first stay (and I get $20):††† http://www.airbnb.com/c/ndailey1


††† http://www.cheapoair.com/travel/affiliate/logo/images/168x38.gif††††††


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I have traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel(OAT) 4 times so far, with several more trips planned.  I have found their trips to be fairly priced (including airfare), help you to get to know the culture of where you are traveling to, and small groups of people who love to travel, not just shop and party.   If you are a first time traveler, and you give them my name and Customer number, they will give you a discount and give me a discount on a future trip. E-mail me if you are thinking of going with OAT.†† My customer number is 638838

For reservations or information call 1-866-626-8587

The following are some non-travel companies that I recommend that I shamelessly accept click thru dollars:

Description: http://cache.smarthome.com/images/shlogo.gifhttp://ad.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/show?id=XdhGTc61QN8&bids=209195.10001612&subid=0&type=4http://affiliates.petsmart.com/images/banners/090109/125x125.gif

Description: http://www.plowandhearth.com/plow_assets/affiliates/PH_468x60_Countryhome5.gif