The Amazing Rally

A Tours by Norm Production

The Amazing Rally is a takeoff on a “gimmick” road rally, but rather than traveling in automobiles that follow a set course, this rally circumnavigates the world.  Competitors have one month to collect points and must be back at their originating airport by the end of the race.  Prizes are awarded to competitors for a variety of categories. 

Proposed Schedule:  April 1-30, 2016 and possibly annually or semi-annually thereafter.  This would equate to spring or fall throughout world, although rainy seasons will have to be taken into account by the competitors. 

Potential Partner:  Obviously the CBS Television show “The Amazing Race” or maybe one of the shark’s on ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

Paid sponsorship will be the key for generating a profit, providing prizes and developing an interest in the race.  Ideal sponsors would be Star Alliance or One World airline alliance (Alliance) or anyone of the individual airlines.  The primary method for travel would be using the round-the-world fares offered by either Alliance.  Other sponsors could be Travelocity, Trip Advisor, Orbitz,, Yahoo, Facebook/Twitter, a specific county’s tourism bureau, a major hotel chain, travel clothing company, luggage/backpack company, travel insurance company and/or hardware/software firm that would also provide programming for tracking point collection. 

Competitors must pay for all their travel costs.  It is estimated that the cost for each individual competitor to compete will be $10,000, a majority going for flight costs.  Competitors would be allowed to find their own sponsor as long as their sponsor does not directly compete with the Rally’s paid sponsors.

Ways to earn points:

·       Miles traveled

·       Countries visited (Using Traveler Century Club list)

·       Continents visited

·       UNESCO World Heritage sites visited

·       Visiting a specific sponsor country

·       Staying at a sponsor hotel

·       Visiting a primary/secondary school and talking about the Rally for one hour in a country foreign to your home country (This should be a worldwide competition.) 

·       Completing any Amazing Race detour or roadblock shown in any episode that is typically available.

·       Posting pictures on social media developed specifically for the Amazing Rally

·       Buying a beer/coffee/meal for 10 locals in a country foreign to your home country

·       Taking most economical mass transportation for more than 5 miles


Points awarded to each bullet or additional bullets and will depend on sponsorship requirements to make the race more interesting.  Penalties may also be imposed for breaking of rules.


Competitors are given a blank slate to create a routing that maximizes point collection.  There are only three significant rules (although lots of fine print):

1.    They may only fly using the Alliance ticket and following the Alliance’s ticketing rules.  (Flying to complete an Amazing Race detour/roadblock, such as skydiving is OK, but not to access another destination.)    To access areas not served by an airline Alliance transportation must be via ground transportation, such as taxi, tuk tuk, bus, train, ferry, etc. or other means used by the local population. 

2.    They cannot break any local laws, i.e speeding or maybe even proselytizing in some countries. 

3.    They must return to their originating airport by the end of the month.


The race should be announced during the Amazing Race’s Fall 2015 show to allow competitors to decide to compete and arrange time off, but certain twists that may lead to a significant point collection may not be announced until just before the race start.  Thus competitors can research how to research, but not book until the last minute.  This will cause problems in getting seats and require rerouting and strategy. 


Possible Prize Categories:

·       Married Couple

·       Single

o   Male

o   Female

·       Same Sex couple (not married)

o   MM

o   FF

·       Family (two adults and children between 10-15)

·       Two generation teams with difference in ages of at least 30 years

·       Social Media darlings

·       Special Olympics eligible

·       Celebrity, including pro-athletes